Of course nobody likes my posts. They don’t tell what people wants to hear; they’re not crafted to suit the internet. They are for people who understand. They say what I need to say, regardless of what readers may think. And I guess this is the right path. I always wanted to write that book or novel or essay or something meaningful. But I didn’t questioned myself about how to make it easy for the reader. Now I know – it is for me and for you to go deep and talk and comment in the least easy way.

I did start this blog with a private access, i.e. no-one could see it unless I should say so. Well, now it is the same situation, with the slight difference that my blog is open for broader view. But I would also like to point out that all I see is people who try to influence other people on how to behave when it comes to put on a post.

Well, I’m fed up. I cannot deal with the fact that you are telling me I am not able to write. Who are you? A reader and a talker. Well, I am too, and you need to acknowledge it. Now there are even people who are saying that a book review should be based upon the five-star method of ranking goods on Amazon. I mean… what? Maybe I find this last post just so unbearable because ten minutes before I was engaged in The Common Reader, and style differences between the two are unfathomable.

Moreover there is a certain kind of writing style that even WordPress.com itself has been trying to promote. They feature some of archetypes of “perfect posts” on the first page of Freshly Pressed, so that everyone who reads them feeling the needs to get “likes” approval is obliged to emulate their style. Here is the sad thing: flattening of style. There is no soul. Better yet: there are souls who need living bodies, not copies of an impersonal list of mere facts, bodies with flaws just like ours; they need acknowledgement, too.

I made room for my mind between my body and these people’s flatness. Their dullness will not affect me. I need my space, I need my time and I need my own style, like I need my own books. Whatever you say, I will not write as a calatoguer, i.e. through idioms and collocations.

Some say people are inspirational. Some are, some aren’t. That’s my flawed thought.