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Three. The number of perfection. To create a three-picture story I need a triplet of photos. But I like to break the rules a little bit, so I made up from scratch the key to read my three-picture story: in the first picture there is a single plant, alone; in the second picture there are two plants and in the third picture all of them are united in a hug under the kissing sun. They’re lovely, I know.

Ever since I fell ill I started to take pictures of nature around me. I needed this hobby to portray in a figurative way what I felt when the sun comes up and illuminates every little leaf of grass on the ground – I think they call it “epiphany”.

I love the sun and I love how natural lights improves and highlights the beauty that nature already holds inside itself. In this slideshow the lights reflects the color of the plants while feeding them. They seem to glow in the February afternoon, like babies’ happy faces when we realise they’re growing up in a splendid way.