I’ve been taking photograph about springtime since March 21st came around, in a desperate anticipation of Summer; and everytime I captured a little flower or some blooming thing I felt excited beyond reason.

I grew up in a christian town, where Spring has always meant food atonement in Lent and then Easter joy, although I actually felt this way for the first time EVER this year, and they were such beautiful sensation that it made me cry.

But in a non-strictly-religious sense, Spring represents exactly what the Passion of Jesus was meant to be in religious terms: resurrection and rebirth from the darkness of the winter or death. I never actually stopped to think what a beautiful message this time of the year represents: rebirth is the ultimate transition – and we experience it every day in common life, in ways that we don’t even grasp.

I felt in the Easter of my life when I came back home from the hospital last year. May 27th marks in fact one years of my “living death” and June 12th marks my resurrection. It took me two weeks of agony to heal, but when I came out the summer sun was already shining on my home and walking through the streets in my town made me feel really born again.

That is why it is my privilege to honor Springtime and Easter, and make them my favourite festivities – second place after Summer of course!



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