The eighth sin

The eighth deadly sin in my Bible: not being able to speak or understand another language beyond one’s own mothertongue. In the spirit of this faith, I’m currently learning German and Maori while perfectioning English and Spanish at university.

It is the second decade of the XXI century: we travel many distances, we are connected with people living on the other side of the planet; I believe that we have no excuses when it comes to broadening our horizon.


2 pensieri riguardo “The eighth sin

  1. I love this post! I only speak English fluently, but Studied Spanish through high school and a few years in college. I can read it well and wish I had studied harder so that I was fluent in speaking it. I hope to be able to study it more and travel to immerse myself in it. I would love to learn more languages.

    Mi piace

  2. I agree There used to be a much greater emphasis in American high schools on taking a foreign language. I believe there is a resurgence of that, and so there should be.

    Mi piace


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