I do not like movies. At all. I loved tv shows, but not all of them, and I use the past tense because it’s been a while since I do not enjoy any new tv show. My favourite shows have all been shut, or ended their stories. The one show I loved the most was Charmed. Oh the magic, the loves, the thrilling chanting, running, and the deadly – not to mention hawt – warlocks in every single episode about the three most beautiful sisters ever appeared on screen! If I were a producer I would probably spin-off the sh*t out of that show. I grew up writing my own Book of shadows, within which I had been keeping secret codes and encrypted alphabets just plainly invented, along with spells about finding love – the most important issue for little me back then.


Un pensiero riguardo “Enchanting

  1. Charmed was THE best tv show ever. Fact! I cried when it ended I also think they could have milked it a bit more. Just when Phoebe is getting another hot guy they have to end it. What I would give to see your book of shadows, how cool is that?!! 🙂

    Mi piace


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