Mnemonic #3

Do you trust your memory?

I do trust my memory especially for small details, because once it saved me and my family from an unpleasant situation.

We wanted to sell our farmhouse, and we turned to a well-known estate agency. At some point they found a purchaser who signed a written offer; the problem was that we could not have a copy of that offer, because of ‘privacy matters’, as the agency claimed.

Luckily for us though, I managed to scan very quickly the paper with my eyes as they were talking in the porch, and it was enough time for me to see that two names were on it. It immediately jumped to my eyes as a strange thing, but the agency guy who had collected the offer insisted that it was ‘all perfectly lawful: one is the purchaser, the other is who vouches for him’. Some days later my sister found out that we, as sellers, could lawfully have a copy of the offer, but the agency, when demanded, kept on refusing to hand the offer to us.

Eventually they gave in, and we got our copy; only, this paper had just one name on it! I could not keep it to myself because all my inheritance was at stake, so I told the rest of the family what I had seen on the elusive first offer; then my mother strenghtened my memory by stating the same thing. We told the agency the strange fact and they at first denied abruply, but then got angry. This was the proof that my memory did serve very well, and the whole selling thing blew into thin air.

From this experience I realized some precious facts, i.e. 1. you can never trust anyone with what you hold important 2. whatever your family legacy, you cannot sell it or get rid of it without consequences; instead, if you give it proper value it will bring you only good things 3. I should trust my emotional devices much more.



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