Words Pleasure

It is a plain and experienceable fact that repeating many times consecutively a word – especially proper or common nouns – makes them sound like a bunch of weird but delightful noises. This effect is best attained with nouns and words that symbolize in our memory someone dear to us like a best friend, a person whom we have a close connection with, or something that has that fair flavour of exotic distance, whether of time, place or being. Pleasantly-articulated words are object of wonder: every language has some, and everyone has their own beloved ones. To my sensitive ear, these words are generally constructed by lateral, liquid, bilabial or palatal consonants – sweet souns, so to say – and their vowels are central ones or schwa. I’ve never made a list of the words I enjoy uttering the most, but I can always make it a new hobby – to trace pleasant words at any level of language and in every language I get to know.


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