Throwing acid lemonade

In times of need you can always count on tea. In times of danger it is necessary to turn to drastic pieces of advice. Last week I found a viper sliding through the outer edge of a lattice in front of the farmhouse: this rendezvous gave me shivers of horror for three whole days and I was not able to enter the great house. That is, until yesterday when I grabbed a heavy shovel and tensely on guard I checked if the beast was still out and about. Luckily it did not show up, but if it should ever stumble on me again I will be ready to throw a bottle of acid and then hit it with my dear shovel. I’ve never thought about a shovel as a mean to save one’s life, but rather than being bitten by a crowling venomous piece of green filth, I prefer losing my zen lessons for the time being.



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