Breaking the ice

I strongly believe in the battle for civil rights that now seem to be taken less seriously than in the past. We have not always had all the visibility we have now through the social media, nor could we unite better and stand up for our beliefs in equal social treatment for everyone. Where I live gay people are still mocked, laughed at and bullied, especially at a younger age, either in big cities or small towns; and gay people seem to be convinced that we deserve it, that we are not human like them. I believe this has to end, once and for all. I’ll swim naked in an antartic lake if it could help to raise awareness on the oppression that LGBT people, as humans, are still under. I know prejudices do not die overnight, but it seems to me that no one is raising a single finger to put out the flames of neoracisms. I’m doing what I can to educate the younger generations to love and respect each other, but when I see how their very parents behave and talk in social context, I lose faith in the good side of humankind and want to give the fuck up. We do not respect ourselves, and other people rely on it to show off their indifference or hostility upon us. It is not easy and it will never be easy, especially because I don’t have money or other significant means other than my own lonely voice. But in the end I’ll do my part whenever I can by letting people know how it feels.



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