October journal

As it is, Octobers here. I have a new black bag to keep me company during the boring lesson hours; some new essays in my Kindle and a solfeggio practice book to discreetly sniff and study. Meanwhile the Hispanic Studies Department has not yet scheduled lessons, so who knows when they begin. Oh well, I hate Spanish lettorato classes so it’s not big deal.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Spanish culture and Studies. I only hate the human side of the department: clerks and professors altogether because they make fun of our hard-earned tuition money wasting it in useless 2-week courses. And it’s no euphemism: during the first semester of my third undergraduate year I attended a Spanish Language class lectured by an arrogant professor explaining in a bad Riojan dialect what was the purpose of the adjective phrase inside a sentence; this course lasted ten lessons. Ten lessons. It was embarassing, even for an italian university. This year I’ll have to attend another ten-lesson course about Medioeval Philology by the same professor. Through it all, I would love the subjects of the Spanish classes if it wasn’t for the way they are taught. All considering, I can’t believe I enrolled again in that stupid place. If you should ever think of coming to Rome in a foreign study programme about Translation, please do not choose La Sapienza.

I know why I did it. I thought optimistically maybe it will get better, now that I’ve got a (little) degree. I will have great debates with competent professors about interesting aspects of language while they will inspire me. Well, no. I had to drag myself to classes. On a brighter note, I absolutely loved the Linguistics postgraduate degree courses. I’ve seen wonderful and kind-hearted professors giving lectures with passion and love for their unacknoledged job. Within the Glottology Library professors and students give each other inspiration, what it’s really hard to find in academic rooms these days. Plus I fell in love (in a platonic sense) with a Cognitive Linguistics professor and her southern inflection.

I wish I had the courage to take the big decision and give it all up. It would only be good for my health.



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